I am a former journalist, writer, blogger, wife, mother, immigrant and childhood trauma survivor from Berlin, Germany, now living in Dallas, Texas. I am extremely passionate about mental health and self care and have always been fascinated by successful people who overcame hardships and turned their lives around. I created this podcast to give those inspiring women and men amongst us, mental health experts, survivors, thrivers a voice to share their struggles, successes and their knowledge with those who were silenced, those who are afraid to speak up, those who are in need of comfort when the inner voices or the outer noises become too loud.

I have lived through and still live with mental health struggles and trauma and I am now able to live a wonderfully fulfilling life that I never thought I deserved. I wish I would have had someone in my childhood assure me that one day, I would feel safe and empowered. Through my own journey on forgiving my inner  child – and rescuing it when needed – I want to empower others, especially other women. 

I wish I would have had a cassette, an audiobook or a free podcast like this one to listen to when I was 12, when I was 16, or 23 or 35. I hope this project will reach whoever needs us to speak up for and to them – that whoever needs to hear that healing is possible – finds us. We are here. This is your community. You are home and you are safe